Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ryan's Preschool

Ryan started preschool on September 1st and has been doing great! He goes 2 days a week and has so much fun. When I tell him you have school tomorrow he excitedly says "SCHOOL", "FUN" and "PLAY". He gathers his backpack, lunchbox and nap mat and gets it all ready for the next day. The teacher sends a note home of all he did that day and it has been always been positive. He eats all his snack and lunch and takes a nap. He loves playing in the kitchen, with trains and play do and loves the slide outside too. He was a little shy at first and didn't want to do art but he finally participated in art yesterday! Gooooooo Ryan! I'm so proud of my big boy. I think he watched his big brothers go to school and how much fun they had so it was an easy transition. Here some pictures of Ryan at school.

Relaxing on the benches before school...

Super cool backpack...

Ryan coloring in his class

Ryan hugging on a baby doll. Awwwwww....
Fun times at school. This is one of his teachers, Ms. Christy
Hmmmm...what's this?
Ryan feeds the baby
We don't have any baby dolls at home so this was a new fun thing for him. I'm so happy he has adjusted well. Labor Day has come and gone and it was pretty quiet for us. We had birthday parties to attend but other than that it was much needed down time. The boys decided we needed to decorate for Fall so we did that. I just love Fall colors and the smell of pumpkin spice so I didn't put up a fight at all.
Scott started physical therapy a few weeks ago to help his balance so hopefully he will see improvement. I am so proud that he has stuck with his monthly IV treatment for over a year
now. Staying positive and taking care of yourself goes a long way.

Monday, August 30, 2010

August Excitement!

Summer is coming to a close so we are trying to fit in all the swim time that we can. Here are the boys swimming with their buddy Kai. They were standing on the side of the pool jumping in and having a blast!

Ryan looking super cute at Saltgrass Steakhouse
The BIG news is that Jayson and Justin started Kindergarten!!!! I am such a proud mommy. I cried the night before while reading a sweet poem their teachers wrote for them but I had no tears at school while dropping them off. I was too excited and proud to cry. Here are a bunch of photos of the first day of school.
Jayson cuteness all ready for school

Just look at that face...

Distracted by a bird...

Spiky hair Justin

Too cool for school...

Rockin' a new backpack and lunchbox

Cool new shoes...

All ready to go now
Let's go brother...
We've arrived! Oakland Elementary School

Walking to class...
Here is a bumpy video I took while walking... They boys drop off Jayson first then Justin continues on to class.

Jayson and his teacher Mrs. Welch
Jayson sitting at his desk
Justin arrives to class and puts his stuff away
Justin at his desk
Justin and his teacher Mrs. Mayer
Here we are with Justin
Justin quickly makes a friend. His name is Chase and he lives down the street from us!
Back to Jayson's class to say goodbye

They made it home...on the school bus!!!! Such big boys!
The boys LOVE Kindergarten already. It has been such an easy transition for them and they are making new friends and becoming their own little dudes. I am so happy they are in separate classes and that we waited to start them until this year.
In other news, we just made a trip to West. Here are the boys with their fishing hats on ready to go feed the fish with PaPa.

PaPa and Justin

In other Big news was Jonathan and Lauren's engagement party in West. My mom did an awesome job decorating and planning such a fun party. Lauren's family is so much fun too. There were 5 guitars, a mandolin, and a harmonica playing until almost 2am. We sang and had a wonderful time.
The bride and groom to be

Me and J

Uncle J and the boys

Lauren's family
JoJo, PaPa and the boys

A funny game my mom had them play. She asked a series of questions and they
had to raise the shoe of the one who was "most likely to..." once they get married. Notice the poster boards in the background. They were covered in pictures of Jonathan and Lauren through the years. It really was a neat party.

Such a fun month! This week Ryan starts preschool so I hope that goes well and he enjoys his new routine. It should be interesting! He will be turning 2 in October which is just right around the corner. The fun just never ends!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Blog!

Wow, it has been a while since I've updated. I went to see Wicked mid July and loved it! That was so much fun to do with Jonathan and Lauren and her parents. Here is us before the show at Seco's. Their rehearsal dinner will be here too.Then we had a birthday party for Ryan's friend, and a girl's night at Lopez with a few ladies I haven't seen in years. We were middle school and high school cheerleaders together. It's so fun to catch up...over margaritas. The kids and I then packed up and went to West to visit mom for her birthday. It was such a wonderful, relaxing trip. The best part was sitting outside at night with the boys and looking for stars, airplanes, planets and the moon in the beautiful country sky. It's amazing how much clearer you can see it all without the big city buildings and pollution. Ryan had a blast when we fed the cows and fish. I think he loved my parents donkey, Barack most of all. He started calling all the cows Barack too. HA! He talked to the cows a lot this trip. The boys are going to enjoy visiting the farm for many years to come. Here's Jayson with Jack the cat or Yack as Ryan calls him.
Ryan watching PaPa feed the fish

Barack...the donkey, not the president


Justin and Ryan being cute

Bubbles with JoJo is super fun!
When we got home, the boys had to go in for Kindergarten readiness testing. I can't believe school starts in 2 weeks! Such an exciting time for them and us too. We went school supply shopping and school clothes shopping so they are almost all set! Work has been exciting too since we made profit sharing for the 2nd Quarter. That was a nice surprise and now I have Christmas shopping money!!!! Woohoo! Aside from all of this we have been trying to go to the pool as often as we can and enjoy the rest of the summer. Here is Scott, Justin and Ryan enjoying the refreshing water. This weekend we are going to visit Scott's parents in Kingwood one last time before school starts. Soon we will be traveling back to West for Jonathan and Lauren's engagement party on August 21st. So much excitement! Here is one final picture of my cool kids. GiGi and Grandad brought these back for them from a recent trip. HA!!! Lil' Indians.

I also signed the boys up for Fall soccer with FFPS so we will be wrapped up in school and soccer very soon. I just love my life!!!